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Speaker Recap: Jagmeet Singh

Speaker Recap: Jagmeet Singh

By: Reuben Charummoottil and J.P. Rodrigues



On July 21, 2020, Jagmeet Singh joined us on Justice in Pieces. The conversation started with Mr. Singh explaining how his career path changed drastically due to uncontrollable circumstances. Having early financial difficulties for his famly made him address manners in which he could begin his career sooner, rather than later.

Although he initially wanted to be a doctor, being in school for that many years was not a viable option for him. Instead, a professor suggested that he try law school. After finishing law school, he was prodded by friends and family to pursue a political career.

One of the major points that Mr. Singh touched upon was the NDP’s efforts to help better ensure rights for marginalized people in Canada. He questioned whether Prime Minister Trudeau’s gestures were enough.

Continuing the discussion, Mr. Singh outlined how “carding” was implemented and the need for police reform. He explained that  mental health and welness checks should not fall to the responsibility of armed police officers, but rather to health care workers and how the solution to this problem is unfortunately, a long way to go. There needs to be systemic change for this to happen.

Jagmeet Singh's Words of Wisdom

Mr. Singh stressed keeping your hopes alive and be optimistic. He advised students to take a chance and that may turn into something amazing. If you want to get into politics, start by volunteering and who knows where this would lead to.

Mr. Singh shared about not having an articling job after law school and observing proceedings at courthouses. During one such visit, he approached a top criminal defence lawyer and asked if he would hire him. He ended up hiring Mr. Singh at one of the top criminal defence firms in Ontario, and by taking a chance, look at what happened!