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John Paul Rodrigues

J.P. is the host of the Justice in Pieces Guest Speaker Series, and is the Program Coordinator for the Paralegal Program at TriOS College. J.P. is also a paralegal instructor at Centennial College and a law clerk/paralegal instructor at Seneca College.

J.P. won the 2020 TriOS College – Toronto Campus Instructor of the Year and Career College Ontario’s Excellence in Teaching Award for his exceptional instruction, leadership and engagement as an instructor. J.P. was also very honoured to take home a 2021 Clawbie Award for the Justice in Pieces Guest Speaker Series.

J.P. is also an experienced criminal defence lawyer, now solely advising clients who have been detained by the police on criminal and immigration charges as telephone duty counsel. In this role, he has assisted thousands of individuals facing a wide range of charges, from impaired driving to murder. 

J.P. spent a number of years teaching law in China, where he was featured on Chinese television and in other media for his teaching abilities. He had a memorable experience moonlighting as a rapper and DJ in Chongqing!