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By: Adam De Costa, Staff Writer

In August 2020, Hon. Andrew Scheer joined the “Justice in Pieces” series. He was set to hand over the reins of the Conservative party leadership in two weeks and shared with students about his journey in politics. 


He was interested in politics as a youngster as his dad taught him that those who show up, make decisions. Honourable Scheer showed up and contributed to the decision-making process. When he was in University, he ran for student council. 

Honourable Scheer unified the Conservative Party after which he ran for office as an MP for Regina. He beamed when he speaks of his constituents who took a chance on a then 25-year-old and sent him to Ottawa. In 2011, he was elected as Speaker of the House, and in 2016, elected as the leader of the Federal Conservative Party. 


The Conservative leader had a lot to say about the why parliament should be open, especially to deliver programs to Canadians.  Hon Andrew Scheer considered stopping the Liberal Plan to tax and spend unilaterally without parliamentary oversight, was a victory for democracy. He speculated that the WE Scandal was the reason the government sought that power.  

CERB was not allowing people willing to work to take on any shifts as it was not afforded to anyone working. Conservatives pushed for this to be amended, where an employee able to work would be entitled to 50% of the CERB. 


Previous ethics violation and the WE scandal were the latest issues and Honourable Andrew Sheer was disturbed that the time and resources consumed by this scandal was taking away from offering Canadians real solutions during the pandemic. 

Media Bias 

Hon. Scheer mentioned how some members of the Canadian media appeared to be biased. He speculated that they seem to deflect away from scandals involving the Liberal party, and focus on trivial issues involving himself and the Conservative party.


After the death of George Floyd, the Prime Minister was seen taking a knee, and RCMP Commissioner Lucki stated there was systemic racism in the RCMP. Considering the RCMP is directly under the PM, then why not fix it? Honourable Scheer was stating that once an issue is identified, especially a grave issue as systemic racism, the government must actFailing to act exemplifies a problem with this government. Will Canadians hold their government accountable and will the media bring attention to this important conversation?  

When asked what a Conservative response to systemic racism would look like, Honourable Scheer answered his government would establish a commission, investigate and legislate the findings promptly. 

What is the future of Conservatism? 

Conservatism must challenge the new tenets of socialism rearing its head with every generation it is reappearing with the label “progressive,” however the result will be the same. 

Free market economies will always create opportunityPoliticians must be elected on how they will create these opportunitiesMost Canadians want an opportunity to earn their living, therefore it is the government’s duty provide just that opportunity 

What does this mean for Hon. Andrew Scheer? 

Mr. Scheer will continue to serve the people of Regina, here he represents a diverse group of people with equal rural-urban divideHe enjoys working for his constituents and looks forward to serving them. 

Honourable Andrew Scheer’s Words of Wisdom

Believe your Gut – sometimes, on the campaign trial, Honourable Scheer listened to his strategists instead of speaking what was on his mind, which made him look scripted; Therefore, he advised students to be themselves and listen to their gut. 

Stay Informed – Pay attention to what is happening in the political landscape and become activeShow up to meetings, take a seat at the table, and have your voice heard!