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By: Rocelle Esteban, Staff Writer

MPP Nina Tangri is a Member of Provincial Parliament in Mississauga – Streetsville, and also the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. She enjoys helping to create jobs and create an environment for businesses to succeed. 

Ghada Hamadani is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of the Hamadani Group of Companies. She mainly works with women and youth.  

Asphandiar Wadiwalla is involved in initiatives to empower women, not only in Canada but around the world. He also represents Miss UN International Pageant as an Executive Director. 

COVID-19 Impact 

MPP Tangri noted that their community’s positivity rate was at 11% which was the highest in the country. Moving their region to the ‘red zone’ meant that dining facilities can only resume with a maximum of 10 people inside.  

MPP Tangri argued that if people cannot go out to dine, then they would gather at home, where they may not adhere to the same standards as when they do in restaurants. She further said that businesses are hurting right now, and are asking people to support local businesses.  

Ms. Hamadani’s business, specifically their manufacturing has closed due to the impact of COVID-19. In addition, their services also had to be transitioned at home which furthers the impact to her companies.   

Mr. Wadiwalla, despite the impacts, extends his gratitude to the provincial government in Ontario led by Premier Doug Ford, as well as the Federal government for doing everything they can to assist people and businesses during this pandemic. He also thinks that Canada has done relatively well compared to other countries 

He did, however, feel the impact of COVID especially with the events he had in line for 2020. All of them had to be moved to 2021. Despite these challenges, he is hopeful that they would come out of this successfully.  

Breaking through in Politics and Motivation for Students 

MPP Tangri struggled for years and finally has broken through the political arena. She said she is very fortunate to have the support of her volunteer teams and phenomenal people who donated to her campaign. She believes that one of the greatest reasons for her success is that people are looking for change and looking for hope. Before she sat in office, the province was struggling and businesses were leaving.  

She further said that the people in the government of Ontario are not career politicians. Most come from the business sector, legal, and finance industries, which brings really good outside perspective on how to make things better for the people in the province.  

She advises that for students who are thinking about breaking into the political realm, start with volunteering in your community or becoming interns. As an example, she continued, many of the interns had come back and worked to become staff members. In fact, many of the MPPs we have today were interns or staff members in the past before they become Members of the Provincial Parliament. Some of them are even in the cabinet which is a great story.  

It may take several tries, in her case, decades to break through, but she believes that things happen for a reason, if when the right time comes, it will happen.  

Creating Jobs during a Pandemic 

When the pandemic started, and everything had to be closed down, jobs had to stop, or everybody else had to work from home. Despite how long this pandemic has already taken, MPP Tangri reported that as of last month, 92% of the jobs are back. Today, Ontario has gained 32,600 jobs, which is encouraging.  

She has further said that the government, in all areas, are working together, politics aside, to ensure that they are doing what is right for the people of Canada and the province of Ontario 

In addition, MPP Tangri acknowledged and thanked the students who helped out in industries that are essential to keep the country going like delivery and grocery stores.  

In this current situation, the healthcare sector will have a lot of opportunities in terms of jobs, which may not have existed before COVID, that can bring in more jobs, the MPP advised. For example, paralegals can perhaps specialize in the area of healthcare, which is more in demand in these times, especially in long-term care homes and seniors.   

Human Rights 

“My focus is human rights”, said Mr. Wadiwalla. He is very passionate about injustice taking place not only in Canada, but around the world. He has further said that for those students who are interested in getting involved, they can contact Mr. Wadiwalla and he will provide guidance and advise on how to take the first step in joining organizations and getting involved. 

Ms. Hamadani advises students to volunteer in be involved. If you have the passion to help people, do your due diligence and research for organizations that are reliable and honestly help human rights causes. Ms. Hamadani thinks that it is her responsibility to invest in the youth to further the cause.  

What are you most proud of that you’ve done in your career? 

Ms. Hamadani is very proud to have raised two children successfully as a single mother.  

Mr. Wadiwalla said that he has also successfully raised a lovely daughter who has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and holds a very important assignment in the city of Toronto. 

When asked what advice they have for students who are trying to balance raising children and studying at the same time, Mr. Wadiwalla says that he can be contacted to provide advice to students.  

Ms. Hamadani believed that regardless if a parent is a woman or a man, in her experience of studying and running her business at the same time, it is important that you think and analyze, so you can prioritize what is important. She further advised that education is critical. Do not lose focus and the commitment to your goals for you to succeed. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, keep doing what you have to do. 

Their Words of Wisdom 

MPP Tangri advised  do not close any doors. Always keep your doors open. You may not be interested in certain areas like politics, for example, these areas may have a lot to offer. See what it’s like to be involved in politics, volunteering on a campaign. You don’t need to be a politician to be involved. Get involved, vote, learn about people who are representing you.  

Mr. Wadiwalla further added the importance of volunteering. It’s a great way to understand the laws and Canadian politics.  

“Success is state of mind,” Ghada Hamadani advised students. Do not look at failure as a failure. Have a plan and execute your plan. Never give up, get out of your comfort zone, do not be afraid to ask for help, and you will find a solution. That’s how you succeed!