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Hosting nearly 250 amazing guest speakers since COVID-19, plus teaching even more classes on Zoom & Microsoft Teams, sprinkled in with a few Zoom court appearances, I’m paranoid something like this could happen.

Outside of a few guest lectures from my 3 year old, Max, things have gone pretty smoothly, but some words of wisdom, Don’t forget, check your tech! From my experience:

1. Double check that you are muted and if applicable, your video is off.

2. If you are going to be sharing your screen, make sure you click the right screen to share, and that you have closed all unnecessary windows.

3. As a backup, ensure that you have the privacy shutter on your webcam on (or stick a piece of tape just in case).

and of course,

4. Turn off that Cat filter! LOL

For anyone else teaching or otherwise in Zoom meetings all day, what are you paranoid about and what other pieces of advice do you have for me and my students to alleviate our fears?

#DontForgetCheckYourTech #WednesdayWisdom